Saturday, December 27, 2014

the misdirected text in the night

The first text (in bold) was received 1.11.13 12:45am.
(the words in italics were my responses. I have no idea who the sender was)

 I hide the body

can we eat it?

No Nigga I burned it wtf

Whats wrong wit u? Waste a good meat!

I wont it Shit are you on bath salts?

Bath Salts and Pepto...goes down smoooth

No try it with Lyn youll get fucked up. 
It'll help you to dont feel like you wanna eat human meat.

But I LIKES fresh flesh..mmm, tasty. All this zombie shit has made me a believer.  amen!


Go to bed stupid zombie

Aint a shieet you trippin zombie

wasting words texting is  the leading cause of nut and brain shrivel, doncha know Gomer?

damn looks like someone is in a bad mood now

So who was it you ate?

Ill get you some meat so you can chill out stupid zombie

Man how is life?

Life  is long and hard if you dont mend your ways

I need an advice from your smartself


Be honest with me tho. No bs

Best I can

Should I kill myself because I dont like life or should I deal with my shit and live unhappy

Deal. Be bold...all shit is fertilizer for growth

Cool but how about your happiness

Happiness is over rated. Satisfaction with self is the real, lasting best feeling. Happiness is a fart.

I  wanna be like you when I get old. You are a happy person

What do you think old is?

Idk dude. What is it?

Paying close attention to every waking moment. Learning from mistakes.

Cool but that is been mature not old. I think

How old are you

Almost 22 and you

Omg a mere child with your whole life ahead of you

How old are you dude

Timeless, ageless

Do you believe in God?

Oh yes. She's looking after you right now.

She? God is a female?

She is the source of all.

In My whole god dam life I thought it was a dude.

God loves you. Sleep now.