Saturday, April 11, 2015

herding rabid sea slugs

There are no cobwebs here. Perhaps the only place in the house that's web free.

Now that I've learned some trixie things that I can do with Scrivener and DragonSpeak, I've stopped dragging my heels about making sense and order out of some 130 thousand words that have materialized since this time last year.

Notice my new muse, St. Brad...I don't know if he's interested in the endeavor or he's looking down my shirt.
I'm not sure I want to see "Fury." I tend to get emotionally involved with rage.

I was feeling the need for some 70s color in the book and I found some useful source material on Ebay.

This is where I got my cultural news. No TV, no internet.

Remembering life before so much technology and connectivity is like spending time on a deserted island. So slow and delicious.