Sunday, September 28, 2014

The writers group

Have I mentioned the fine pack of jackals that I run with twice a month?

I used to think that being a visual artist working in textiles was a solitary pursuit, but stitchers everywhere are finding ways to "bee" together. They gather in public places, gang up in each other's living rooms, or meet in the ether through the web. They knit, spin, crochet, quilt and embroider for each others edification, envy or the pure pleasure of just sharing. It's nice.

There is nothing as solitary as writing. Long periods of being alone inside your head with your characters and your doubts will make you crazy. Getting together once and a while with similarly plagued individuals is both daunting and uplifting. We learn about the craft from the more experienced members of the group and take turns reading from our works in progress. It's a diverse bunch.

We meet in a local, family style restaurant where we used to command a back room, but lately have had to share the space and our stories with a handful of hungry strangers who appear to have mixed emotions about the floor show.

I have a hard enough time sharing my work with the group, now I have to think about making total strangers extremely uncomfortable with my bloody homicides and steamy sex, or should I just pass the tip jar after I read?